This is what I set out to do in 2013, when pinchmyself was established…

Ever have those moments in your life where you feel like you need to pinch yourself? Situations where you can’t believe that something so good is happening to you? Surely it must be a dream?

It could be the experience of something that’s quite personal to you or the people you love. It could be an achievement in your career, sport or hobby. Sometimes it’s not even the achievement itself that sparks that feeling, it’s just the possibility of having a shot at something amazing that once seemed out of reach.

So could you imagine wanting to pinch yourself if your job was made redundant?

I did. And pinchmyself tells my story.

In a nutshell, pinchmyself is the story of how a senior woman from corporate Australia (yes, that’s me, but as the little girl who grew up on a farm in wheatbelt Western Australia, I have to pinch myself) got over the shock of losing her executive role and realised that she had been given a gift.

Being made redundant in April 2013 felt like the start of something, not just an end. I’m planning to go with the flow and see what this year brings, and what it teaches me. I’m optimistic and hopeful. That doesn’t mean it’s all been easy so far. I’ve had my share of sadness and fear, and I’m facing huge uncertainty, so there are likely to be trying moments ahead. I feel like I have an opportunity to give something back this year and I hope that sharing my experience might help others.

If journalism is the first draft of history, then pinchmyself is the first draft of what happens in my life this year – as it unfolds, without the benefit of hindsight and before any outcomes can be known.

I’m pinching myself.

10 thoughts on “Origin story

  1. Quite by accident, I have stumbled across your blog. You are my kindred spirit. Your writing “feels” very familiar and I look forward to reading more. Your story about the bagpipes (May 21, 2013) brought tears to my eyes and a chuckle at the same time! I also enjoy your exceptional photography. Sincerely, N.


    1. Thanks for the lovely feedback Nancy – I’m delighted you found a connection to my writing and photos. Was there a particular link for you in the bagpipe story to your own experiences? If so, I would love to hear about it. Regards, M


    1. Thanks for dropping in to check out my blog Manal. Reading your Twitter profile it sounds like you’ve dealt with your fair share of unfortunate and challenging situations, including war. I’m inspired by stories about people’s ability to stay positive and keep going in the face of adversity. Look forward to learning more about your story. Regards, M


  2. Some people see this sort of experience as an opportunity for a nervous breakdown… To others it is a catalyst for a fearless breakthrough. So pleased to see you have taken the path of the latter. I look forward to seeing where it leads you…


    1. Totally agree Monika. The silver lining in dealing with adversity is that if you can manage through it, you build resilience for whatever comes next. Regards, M


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