My philosophy…

At the heart of pinchmyself is an empowered philosophy about our ability to make the most of life and all its uncertainties.

It’s based on a belief that each of us has control over how we respond to the situations that life presents us.

It’s also based on a confidence that living in the present moment and actively appreciating the good things builds resilience and contributes to a happy life.

These beliefs have helped me to navigate some of the toughest challenges in my life – both personal and professional – and helped to fuel creativity and enrich my life.

Writing, photography and more recently, graphic design, each play an important role in that. Through each of these forms of creative expression, there’s opportunity to better appreciate and understand the people and world around me, and myself.

For me, pinchmyself is the practice of pausing in the moment to be grateful.

It’s that moment that you take to look up and around, and to notice the wonders that might otherwise pass you by.

It’s remembering that there can be strength in vulnerability.

It’s recognising that growth comes from stepping outside what’s comfortable, being open to possibility, willing to learn and to persevere.

It’s motivated by hope and curiosity, and striving to overcome our fears.

It’s declaring to the world that my story is what I make of it.

Above all else, it’s about living a meaningful, creative life and making a contribution.

…in action…

What does that mean in practical terms on the pages of this site?

Pinchmyself is a forum for starting and sharing a conversation about things that go into living a creative life.

I will share with you my personal experiences as a writer, photographer and designer: the trial and error, the learnings, along with observations about the creative journey through life – and I would love to hear about yours.

Your contribution at pinchmyself is valued and I look forward to a conversation about your ideas and experiences on any of the topics explored.


Originally established in 2013, pinchmyself arose from adversity. Read more at: origin story.

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