Photography has taken on mass appeal thanks to social media and it seems we belong to a world of people who like to capture our experiences on a daily basis. I’m no exception.

Improvements in technology have put great camera equipment within easier reach for people.

But if you prefer the simplicity and convenience of taking photos on your smart phone, like me, it’s still possible to get reasonable quality shots with a few simple skills and a little practice.

For me, photography has been a fascination since my teens, when I took my first class to support my ambition to pursue a career in journalism.

While some people progress from working with automatic point-and-shoot cameras to fully manual SLR gear – my journey has been in reverse.

The old saying “the best camera is the one you have with you” has proven itself time and again for me as I reach for the smartphone in my bag or pocket.

The only thing that made me a happier photographer than getting my first smartphone in 2011, has been the subsequent upgrades in handsets which have brought with them a boost in camera capability each time.

The irony is that I was a slow adopter of digital cameras because I really loved working with film, yet these days more often than not I leave the digital camera at home as I’ve become such an avid smartphone photographer. I love the challenge of getting the best possible photo using the technology that’s available on the phone.

All of the photos that are featured on this pinchmyself site and my pinchmyself Instagram feed are taken using a smartphone.

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