Women and the city of Granada

I’m on an all-girl tour of Spain. It wasn’t planned that way. I signed up for a tour starting in Madrid, finishing in Barcelona and covering a number of historic locations in between. There are only seven travellers in the group, which is perfect, and they are all women. Even the tour leader is female. … Continue reading Women and the city of Granada

‘Oui’ does not mean stop

Those who travel on their own, particularly women, are people I have always looked upon with great admiration and respect. I was never quite sure where they got the courage and confidence to travel to another country on their own and keep themselves safe – particularly where they don't know the language. At some stage … Continue reading ‘Oui’ does not mean stop

Farewell Scotland, Hola Spain

Do you know that feeling you get when you don’t really want to leave somewhere? When you’re comfortable, happy and there’s a strong pull to stay? I had that feeling again over the past couple of days as I started to turn my mind toward leaving Scotland, just as I had it when I was … Continue reading Farewell Scotland, Hola Spain