Uncertainty and creativity make good company

Certainty sounds like something rock solid and immovable – something upon which you can depend. In reality it’s ephemeral. Yet human beings love the idea of certainty and when we’re thrust into situations of change and uncertainty, it feels like a test. Sometimes it even feels like punishment.

An ANZAC Centenary tribute to my Dad

ANZAC Day at Gallipoli was the topic of the last conversation I had with my Dad. Dad was a veteran of World War II. His years of service in the Royal Air Force, both in the United Kingdom and in the jungles of Burma, became a topic of endless conversation as my siblings and I … Continue reading An ANZAC Centenary tribute to my Dad

What a difference a year makes

One year. 52 weeks. 365 days. Despite the best of intentions, the occasional pang of guilt and fleeting flashes of inspiration, that’s how long it’s been since my last blog. In the past few weeks, I decided that had to change. Perhaps that’s because the anniversary of the unexpected event that prompted me to start … Continue reading What a difference a year makes

A year of new appreciation for life

In recent weeks the bunches of flowers on a roadside pole on my way home have been a visible reminder of a teenage girl who lost her life there. She was hit by a car. A single sight, a sound or a smell can take you right back into a moment from your past, just … Continue reading A year of new appreciation for life

Same Dad, different stories

If you place any faith at all in birth order as a predictor of personality traits, then perhaps it was inevitable that I would be the one to attempt to write the story of my father’s life? In our family it’s more difficult than some families to assign birth order because we're a combined family. … Continue reading Same Dad, different stories