Uncertainty and creativity make good company

Certainty sounds like something rock solid and immovable – something upon which you can depend. In reality it’s ephemeral. Yet human beings love the idea of certainty and when we’re thrust into situations of change and uncertainty, it feels like a test. Sometimes it even feels like punishment.

A friend in deed

I’m not a big fan of aggressive, military analogies in work or life, but there’s one saying that I do find myself using again and again. In the trenches. As in, we battled side-by-side in the trenches. It captures the sense of closeness that comes from facing a threat or a crisis together. Of working … Continue reading A friend in deed

Now I believe she can fly

A cabaret venue full of people witnessed something on Monday night that I wouldn’t have believed was going to be possible a couple of days earlier. We had the concert and among about 20 singers, there were a few of us taking our first small steps in serious public performance. Among the aspiring and professional … Continue reading Now I believe she can fly

Singing in the face of fear

One of the great sources of happiness and comfort in my life also gives me one of my biggest fears. Singing. Or singing in public to be more precise. I can trace it all the way back to when I was about six or seven years old and I stood up at the school concert … Continue reading Singing in the face of fear

Make the most of every day

Something my Dad used to say after he retired has come back to me lately for a couple of reasons. He used to laugh about the word ‘retired’ and say that he had never worked so hard in his life. That was very true. On retirement he took up running a 100-acre farm. He had … Continue reading Make the most of every day