I love the photo on the pinchmyself homepage. I’ve called it ‘resilience.’ It was taken in April 2013 on my sister’s farm in the wheatbelt of Western Australia.

After I had finished up at work in April, my first priority was to get on a plane and go home to see my family and old friends in WA. There’s nothing like being among those who love and know you deeply to make you feel good, and it felt like a treat to be able to enjoy a slow visit with them for a change, with no where else to be and no work stuff on the back of your mind.

The day this picture was taken was my Mum’s birthday and we had a home-cooked feast for her on the farm. We followed dinner with lounge room karaoke – more happy endorphins!

I snapped this shot of the trees, like most of the photos I take these days, on my iPhone. My sister and I were roaming across the farm to find her two cows and see whether one of them had given birth to its calf.

The cow in question is a Scottish Highland Cow (or as my family likes to say, ‘Coo’!) and when we found her, she had a tiny little one at foot. My Dad, who passed away in April 2010, was born and raised in Scotland so the birth of a wee Highland Coo felt extra special.

There are a few reasons I love the photo of the trees and why I chose it for my blog:

• It’s unmistakably rural Australia, where I grew up;
• There are big clouds rolling through, but it’s a big blue sky; and
• Perhaps most importantly, the three trees feel like a metaphor for resilience. Standing in the same patch of ground, two of the trees have died, yet one of them is clearly thriving. What’s its secret?

We will have to see which tree represents me as the year unfolds, but I do like the look of that one on the right!


The Highland Cow and her wee calf
The Highland Cow and her wee calf

4 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. I’m betting the tree on the right!!!
    As a bonus, I’d think you are also influencing others to live!!-hence making the other 2 x grow back to life!!
    Thanks, Greg


  2. Resilience indeed! Very evocative and beautiful pic of rural Australia. As for your journey – maybe the birth of the wee coo is a sign? Good luck!


    1. Thanks Natalie, April certainly seemed like a significant month between the anniversary of Dad’s passing, my redundancy and Mum’s birthday all within 10 days.


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