Can’t help my selfie, bad habits?

When ‘selfie’ was announced by Oxford Dictionary last week as its word of the year for 2013, I smiled… just quietly to myself, not down the lens of my smartphone. Yes, I hear the sighs about newly-made-up words going into the dictionary. I hear the cries of narcissism and cultural decline that have been debated … Continue reading Can’t help my selfie, bad habits?

Mountain beauty finds simple expression

There’s something about spectacular scenes in nature that can leave you lost for words. That’s particularly the case in an age where adjectives are thrown around in everyday life with an abandon that renders them impotent when you really need them. Words like awesome, amazing, incredible, wonderful. The Blue Mountains near Sydney is a place … Continue reading Mountain beauty finds simple expression

I leave Spain and heave a sigh, and say goodbye

I was already contemplating the sad reality that my Spanish adventure was coming to an end when I walked into the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia during my final couple of days in Barcelona. As soon as I stepped through the front doors into the main hall of Sagrada Familia, I felt moved by the … Continue reading I leave Spain and heave a sigh, and say goodbye

Never lost for pictures in Ronda

Ronda is apparently a place where writers and poets of previous centuries have come and found inspiration for their work. Take a stroll around this Andalusian city nestled between the mountains and it’s easy to understand why, although there are also places here so lovely you could easily find yourself lost for words. Either way, … Continue reading Never lost for pictures in Ronda