Thought and prayers for NSW people as bush fires rage

There’s a good reason we imagine hell as a place of fire. Fire is terrifying, indiscriminately brutal and its effects are devastating. I had a scary experience with fire as a teenage girl in a farming district of Western Australia. It all happened in a split second. One moment I was fighting a fire and … Continue reading Thought and prayers for NSW people as bush fires rage

Celebrating successful women – laughs, tears and all

In what has felt like one of the best years of my life, I’ve had one of my lowest and my highest moments of 2013 in the past week or two. The big high came on Monday night, seeing my good friend win a significant State level business women’s award that also puts her in … Continue reading Celebrating successful women – laughs, tears and all

Mountain beauty finds simple expression

There’s something about spectacular scenes in nature that can leave you lost for words. That’s particularly the case in an age where adjectives are thrown around in everyday life with an abandon that renders them impotent when you really need them. Words like awesome, amazing, incredible, wonderful. The Blue Mountains near Sydney is a place … Continue reading Mountain beauty finds simple expression

Chance encounters, lasting impacts

People love to remember where they were when big events in history took place. Depending on your age, you might have a well-worn story about what you were doing when you heard about the death of JFK or Princess Diana, about the September 11 terrorist attacks or the Boxing Day tsunami? It connects our lives … Continue reading Chance encounters, lasting impacts

A moment before we said goodbye

On my last full day in Cambodia, I had a little moment. I had left the house in a tuk tuk to get some final gifts and we had to weave our way through a busy market street in Phnom Penh. It was bustling with local shoppers and stalls offering everything from lush tropical fruit … Continue reading A moment before we said goodbye