The day the singing died

I took a temporary vow of silence recently. It was only for a day and it was for therapeutic reasons. My voice has been ravaged by all the nasty things that go on in your throat during a 'flu that’s lingered around for the past few weeks. The strangled squeaks that emerged from my head … Continue reading The day the singing died

A moment before we said goodbye

On my last full day in Cambodia, I had a little moment. I had left the house in a tuk tuk to get some final gifts and we had to weave our way through a busy market street in Phnom Penh. It was bustling with local shoppers and stalls offering everything from lush tropical fruit … Continue reading A moment before we said goodbye

Don’t give up, ’cause you have friends

I worry about what the future holds for girls from poor families in Cambodia. I’ve had concern for a few years now about one little girl in particular, but the more I’ve been exposed to during this visit, the more that concern has spread. The particular girl I’m talking about is someone I’ve met a … Continue reading Don’t give up, ’cause you have friends

It’s electrifying

This is a wild guess, but they may have used two or three times as much wiring on Cambodia's mains power than was needed to get the job done. Actually, that guess could well be on the conservative side. Once you see the photographs below, you may agree? I still remember how I felt the … Continue reading It’s electrifying

Whenever you need shelter

I’ve visited my fair share of religious buildings in my travels, but I’ve never seen anything like what I saw in Phnom Penh this week. We walked through a laneway crowded with dark, cramped homes, with children playing, washing strung out on lines and motos parked against walls. Filled with the buzz of inner-city life. … Continue reading Whenever you need shelter