Now I believe she can fly

A cabaret venue full of people witnessed something on Monday night that I wouldn’t have believed was going to be possible a couple of days earlier. We had the concert and among about 20 singers, there were a few of us taking our first small steps in serious public performance. Among the aspiring and professional … Continue reading Now I believe she can fly

Singing in the face of fear

One of the great sources of happiness and comfort in my life also gives me one of my biggest fears. Singing. Or singing in public to be more precise. I can trace it all the way back to when I was about six or seven years old and I stood up at the school concert … Continue reading Singing in the face of fear

Can’t help my selfie, bad habits?

When ‘selfie’ was announced by Oxford Dictionary last week as its word of the year for 2013, I smiled… just quietly to myself, not down the lens of my smartphone. Yes, I hear the sighs about newly-made-up words going into the dictionary. I hear the cries of narcissism and cultural decline that have been debated … Continue reading Can’t help my selfie, bad habits?

Make the most of every day

Something my Dad used to say after he retired has come back to me lately for a couple of reasons. He used to laugh about the word ‘retired’ and say that he had never worked so hard in his life. That was very true. On retirement he took up running a 100-acre farm. He had … Continue reading Make the most of every day

The day the singing died

I took a temporary vow of silence recently. It was only for a day and it was for therapeutic reasons. My voice has been ravaged by all the nasty things that go on in your throat during a 'flu that’s lingered around for the past few weeks. The strangled squeaks that emerged from my head … Continue reading The day the singing died