Make a difference in the world, one page at a time

The winners have just been announced for a global poster competition that I entered along with classmates from our graphic design course. As fantastic as it would be to win, you don't have to win the competition to make a difference. If that just sounds like a rationalization of how well we performed, well...let's see … Continue reading Make a difference in the world, one page at a time

Don’t go changing

There were dark, dusty village streets to be navigated in order to find your way to the Night Markets the first time I visited Siem Reap in 2008. I remember distinctly that my friend and I relied on a local colleague to help us find our way from the restaurant in Pub Street to the … Continue reading Don’t go changing

From Providence came a new life in Australia

The seaside property in Mauritius where my girlfriend’s father, Mr C, was born meant so much to him, he has told his family that if he ever had the opportunity to name a boat or a racehorse, he would call it after that place: Providence. There’s something about that story that reminds me of the … Continue reading From Providence came a new life in Australia

Do mention the ‘R’ word

Some people have asked me whether I’m sure I want to do this. To be so public in the way I speak about redundancy. “Isn’t that risky?” “What about your reputation?” “Do you really want that to be part of your personal brand?” The simple fact is that redundancy is now a phase in my … Continue reading Do mention the ‘R’ word