A woman’s world

Sometimes you walk into a place and there’s an undeniable sense of it being a man’s or a woman’s domain. That’s how it felt when we visited the house where my friend’s mother, Mrs C, was born in Mauritius. Men have lived here, but it’s been a significant place for women. Perhaps my perspective had … Continue reading A woman’s world

From Providence came a new life in Australia

The seaside property in Mauritius where my girlfriend’s father, Mr C, was born meant so much to him, he has told his family that if he ever had the opportunity to name a boat or a racehorse, he would call it after that place: Providence. There’s something about that story that reminds me of the … Continue reading From Providence came a new life in Australia

We are family, please come to Mauritius with me

I’m not sure when it started, but at some point I decided to ‘adopt’ my good friend’s family as what I call my Melbourne family. I told my girlfriend about my decision and we had a good laugh at the time about the fact that her family didn’t get a choice in it. I just … Continue reading We are family, please come to Mauritius with me

Little rays of sunshine

It’s quite a strange and insecure feeling to watch your bank balance drop continually, and to know that no more money is going to appear anytime soon. In my adult working life, it’s not something I’ve experienced. Until now. Not for the first time since I was made redundant in April, I'm feeling grateful that … Continue reading Little rays of sunshine