Mother’s Day memories of childhood moments with Mum

This micro memoir draws on my own memories and on the telling and retelling of funny stories in our family over the years.  I hope you enjoy it and maybe it will bring up some lovely memories of your own. It's dedicated to my Mum for Mother's Day. My mother’s dressing table was clustered with treasures when I … Continue reading Mother’s Day memories of childhood moments with Mum

Finding strength in adversity

After four previous visits to Cambodia over the past five years, I often get asked what it is that keeps drawing me back. When people ask me, I do talk about the ancient history, the natural beauty, the lovely people. These things are also true of many other countries, including neighbouring Vietnam, yet I haven't … Continue reading Finding strength in adversity

A woman’s world

Sometimes you walk into a place and there’s an undeniable sense of it being a man’s or a woman’s domain. That’s how it felt when we visited the house where my friend’s mother, Mrs C, was born in Mauritius. Men have lived here, but it’s been a significant place for women. Perhaps my perspective had … Continue reading A woman’s world

Enjoying some time on roads less travelled

I don’t know whether to be inspired or worried when my 67-year-old mother sets out to drive the 3,425 or so kilometres from one side of Australia to the other. Perhaps a bit of both? She flatly refuses to fly. If she were meant to fly, she would have been born with wings - or … Continue reading Enjoying some time on roads less travelled

In the arms of the angel

I made my Aunty cry a couple of nights ago. It was my singing that triggered it, but hopefully not because it was so bad, as my Dad would once have joked. I’m very happy to be back at singing lessons now I’m home in Melbourne and I was sharing with Aunty D and my … Continue reading In the arms of the angel