Little rays of sunshine

It’s quite a strange and insecure feeling to watch your bank balance drop continually, and to know that no more money is going to appear anytime soon. In my adult working life, it’s not something I’ve experienced. Until now. Not for the first time since I was made redundant in April, I'm feeling grateful that … Continue reading Little rays of sunshine

In the arms of the angel

I made my Aunty cry a couple of nights ago. It was my singing that triggered it, but hopefully not because it was so bad, as my Dad would once have joked. I’m very happy to be back at singing lessons now I’m home in Melbourne and I was sharing with Aunty D and my … Continue reading In the arms of the angel

Farewell Scotland, Hola Spain

Do you know that feeling you get when you don’t really want to leave somewhere? When you’re comfortable, happy and there’s a strong pull to stay? I had that feeling again over the past couple of days as I started to turn my mind toward leaving Scotland, just as I had it when I was … Continue reading Farewell Scotland, Hola Spain

I will have what she’s having, please

There’s a sign just across the road from my 84-year-old Scottish cousin’s house that says “Elderly People” and it features two stooped figures walking. When I drew my cousin’s attention to the sign, mostly because I was surprised at the way the senior citizens were being depicted, she told me, laughing: “That’s not there for … Continue reading I will have what she’s having, please

Bagpipes make me cry

There’s something about the bagpipes that just gets me, every time. I don’t mean just a little bit misty-eyed – I mean chest-tightening, tears flowing, crying. It’s pride, it’s love and yes, in recent years it’s undoubtedly mixed with grief over the loss of my Dad. But it’s been like this for as long as … Continue reading Bagpipes make me cry