Chance encounters, lasting impacts

People love to remember where they were when big events in history took place. Depending on your age, you might have a well-worn story about what you were doing when you heard about the death of JFK or Princess Diana, about the September 11 terrorist attacks or the Boxing Day tsunami? It connects our lives … Continue reading Chance encounters, lasting impacts

Whenever you need shelter

I’ve visited my fair share of religious buildings in my travels, but I’ve never seen anything like what I saw in Phnom Penh this week. We walked through a laneway crowded with dark, cramped homes, with children playing, washing strung out on lines and motos parked against walls. Filled with the buzz of inner-city life. … Continue reading Whenever you need shelter

Finding strength in adversity

After four previous visits to Cambodia over the past five years, I often get asked what it is that keeps drawing me back. When people ask me, I do talk about the ancient history, the natural beauty, the lovely people. These things are also true of many other countries, including neighbouring Vietnam, yet I haven't … Continue reading Finding strength in adversity

A woman’s world

Sometimes you walk into a place and there’s an undeniable sense of it being a man’s or a woman’s domain. That’s how it felt when we visited the house where my friend’s mother, Mrs C, was born in Mauritius. Men have lived here, but it’s been a significant place for women. Perhaps my perspective had … Continue reading A woman’s world

From Providence came a new life in Australia

The seaside property in Mauritius where my girlfriend’s father, Mr C, was born meant so much to him, he has told his family that if he ever had the opportunity to name a boat or a racehorse, he would call it after that place: Providence. There’s something about that story that reminds me of the … Continue reading From Providence came a new life in Australia